San Diego Limousine is killing it

We are proud to say that our recent photo shoot with San Diego Limousine went extremely well.  They really have some of the most gorgeous limousines in town – which makes sense for them being in La Jolla and having just an all around completely sexy and astounding service.

But these limos, really, they are off the charts.  Check out one of the images of the mostsexy_limo_san_diego recent limousines that they picked up, inside and out: Limo San Diego

So what do you think?  Looks freaking nice right?  We thought the same thing… I mean this limo is absolutely gorgeous to say the least.  Those are basically Lazy Boy Recliner seats, they’re so dang hot.  Talk about some luxury.  And in addition to that, man do you get an experience.  Free champagne, and even wedding arrangements.  These guys have worked really hard which is why we’re so proud to team up with them and do wedding photography and what not.

Actually, if you need any photography done for your limo service San Diego excursions, please feel free to hit us up.  We actually took this beautiful picture of the inside of San Diego Limousine‘s newest Excursion limo.  And as you can see, it just rocks.  We sat in those seats and didn’t want to get up!  We were ready to take the whole town by storm in those beautifully, sexy & comfortable; limousines.

If you really want to be treated to a good limo service in San Diego, you do have to do your homework… There are so many companies out here that you can get booked by pretty much any of them, but it’s really about the quality not the quantity (price) if you’ want your classy limo riding time to be hot hot hot.  And not a whole bag of steaming dog pile if you know what I mean.

That’s why we keep it classy dishing out stellar pictures with these super snazzy limousines!  Personally, I won’t ride with any other company in town, but that’s because I feel like I’m already riding with the best.  You know what I mean?  I really hope so because limo rides are supposed to be fun – no matter what anybody says.  Sure if it’s your birthday, you can cry if you want to but f*** that.  Honestly, this life is yours, you going to cry over spilled milk or are you going to grab that limo by the balls and say “bitch, today you’re mine”.

That’s what I would say, the latter not the flatter.  If it stinks, it’s probably a skunk, and there’s no reason to fluff anyone else’s ambiguous ego.  This is your life, baby, and you need to live it how you want to.  And if that means doing what the hell you want, when the hell you want to, then that is right.  You shouldn’t have to cater to anyone else’s bs, or needs, especially not that of your boss’s.  And if you want to take that expensive ass limo out for a ride on a late Sunday afternoon because a bird said hello to you.  Then you go f***ing do that, because that’s what life is truly about.  Keep it fresh always, and dreams well alive, you know what I mean, don’t ever let your dreams take a dive.


Because it’s real super classy, living at the top, take your limo for a ride and don’t spill one drop.  Hip hop, don’t give a shibbity what they think before you  let your chauffeur stop.

Anyways, it’s getting late.  I hope you guys all got my point for real though.  It’s your life.  Classy limousines and sexy women should all be what you care about – that, and the size of your bank account.

A Chinese man once said “if you’re not rich by the time your 35, then it’s your fault” and I completely agree with the mo- 100%.

So keep your heads up and your hats tight, tuck in the babies and turn out the light.  Catch you on the flip y’all!  Take care until next time ~ . ~

Solar Powered Water Heater Repair in San Diego

We all love when things are done correctly, and sometimes it’s just not so easy to find someone to do things correctly.

Unfortunately, with our modern-day lives being as hectic and as crazy as they are, we don’t have time to mess around or find people to do things properly. Well, lucky for us, especially if you live in San Diego, there are many willing to help you out with services that need to be handled. You don’t always have to do it yourself!!

Take for instance Mark’s solar powered water heater repair in San Diego. He is actually one of the only individuals in San Diego with the knowledge to be able to repair solar water heaters.

Not only that but finding someone who can fix solar powered components can be tough, solar power is a great asset and a great investment but sometimes things do go wrong. And when things go wrong they need to be fixed right. That’s why we count on Mark’s solar power water heater repair for all of our solar power needs.

I mean, I never really liked messing around with my water tank and with solar power it’s just that much more difficult so it’s nice to be able to call Mark and know that the job will be handled efficiently, accordingly and properly so that I can keep doing what I have to do while he handles what must be taken care of.

That’s why whenever my solar powered water heater begins to malfunction, I simply call Mark and he’s there within the same week.

We just wanted to give more props for doing  a stellar job and stepping out of his area of expertise to be able to pick up a new skill where he’s able to help people with solar powered products so that they work better for everyone.

Check these guys out if you ever need help with your solar power, your solar panels, or your solar powered water heaters. He’ll be able to help you out and make sure that everything is working the way that it should.

And remember, you can always find us here where we are happy and free. Only at happy and free productions.

Happy and free productions

Hello! Happy and free productions is here to serve you! We want to be able to provide you and your family with beautiful photos at any time or occasion that is best suited to your desires.

We have been taking pictures for wedding serviettes in the Virgin Islands for just over 10 years now and each moment taken is extremely special and documented with full HD 1560 full camera lens focus to create images that POP and truly last a lifetime.

Here, we understand that whether its your wedding day, a moment that should last forever or a memory to recreate for a lifetime, we have captured it and fine tuned our process.

We are expanding our custom photo work beyond the traditional images we have been taking of weddings for years to local business pictures and photographs that truly capture the moment.

Be sure to check out the beautiful images we add to collections as we continue to create beautiful works of art for our clients.